Welcome to My Treasure Trove of Sensual Divas. Ready to join the Fun and become My Hot, Sultry, Sensual Gurl?

I love saturating you in the Feminine Mystique and carving you into exactly what I want to enjoyIt does not matter if you are Sassy & Spirited, Sensual & Alluring or Polished & Elegant, you are Mine to play with, My very own Live Barbie Doll.

A personal session is our Special and Private one on one time together. During these sessions I will dress you up, make you over and form your kinks and fetishes into something that Entertains and Pleases Me.

Its a Dreamy Escape into the world of Makeup, Hair Care, Nail Care, Perfume, Skin Care, Crafts, DIY, Fashion, Style, Gurly Gatherings, and of course, the Exotic Inner Workings of a Woman. Sessions can range from reaching into the depths of your Soul to reaching into your panties and playing with that Gurly clit of yours.

Cock sucking, Strap On Communion, Feminization, Anal training and Panty Sluts are just some of My favorite things. As you can see, this place encompasses the Totality of who you are and is open to only those who are limitless in their thinking and ready to accept and understand that I am a Kinkstress and a Dominant Woman, and this is all about Twisted Elegance.

      Just Because         Yes Goddess is the Only answer              I Love when you are Thinking of Me. Good Gurl. xoxo

I enjoy things that arouse My Intellect and Interests. The Body/Mind connection excites Me. I love to Witness transformation. To be here is to allow yourself to Unfold for, not only your Need to do so, but for the excitement and thrill you know it brings Me.

I was born a Real Woman, a Goddess, Healer and Muse, and you are My Creation, a Carving, a Beautiful work of Art.

As My Sissy you Will lay your sexual appetite at My feet. I Own it, it is Now Mine. I will Twist it and Mold it into a benefit for My enjoyment. you Will learn Control and How to Prolong the Pleasure and Satisfaction you Will bring Me.

you to come equipped with the Time, Money, Effort and Energy it takes to Serve your Duty and Purpose here.

you will Start Now by learning what Arouses Me and Turns Me on.

Desire… I am extremely Captured by the sound of your desire for Me. It isn’t so much what you say, as much as it is the sound of the breath you take when you say It.

Submission… There is nothing more erotic than a Sissy on her knees offering her soul to Me. This kind of submission Lubricates My very being.

Edging… Tease and Denial heightens My senses. To see your ebb and flow of lust, desire and need excites Me. But of course, No cumming. Not without My permission.

Sacrifice… Giving up all that you are and all that you have is an Intense Aphrodisiac for Me. The leap of Faith to Dive in and Trust Me. It makes My mouth water at just the thought of it.

Strength… Contrary to what most believe, losers are not welcomed here. Weakness “For” Me does not define a loser. There is a Very Big difference.

To continue further into this place, you must first acknowledge that I Am and Will Always be The Lady of the House. Some of you may better recognize Me as The Head Bitch in Charge.

Mistress Anna